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Attraction and prosperity Soap

Attraction and prosperity Soap

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In magical traditions, lemongrass is associated with the planet Mercury, the element air, and is considered to be masculine in nature. The cleansing properties of lemongrass–whether in the physical, spiritual or emotional plane–are useful in rituals intended to cleanse and purify, or shed light on dark corners or hidden issues. It can also help to dissolve obstacles standing in your way, and transform negative energy into positive. Lemongrass is thought to foster openness, and is sometimes used to promote clear, open communication.
This soap also has Yerba Buena the “Good Herb” or “Bergamot Mint” is honored and used in many religious systems. Great for mental clarity, to bring good things on your roads. Great to calm your nervous and bring tranquilty to yourself . Also used for finacial siuations.

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