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Abre Camino Wax Melts

Abre Camino Wax Melts

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This road opener wax melt can help you the moment you lose courage and feel like everything is against you. A so-called road opener clears the road from negativity, so that positivity is given space again. It helps you to clear up blockages.

*The power of a road opener wax melt
You clear your way of obstacles with this candle, so that there is room to achieve what you want. That can be in the field of love, finances, buying or renting your dream house, a good career or maybe something creative. You can say a prayer while the candle is burning. There are no rules as to what prayer that should be, as long as you speak it sincerely.
*You can burn this road opener candle yourself or give it to someone who means a lot to you. If someone is struggling, this candle can cause negative obstacles to be removed. Above all, it is a nice gesture to give this candle to someone else. It will certainly be appreciated.


This Road Opener is infused with a generous amount of “Abre Camino”

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