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Yoni Oil

Yoni Oil

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Yoni Oil is a blend of natural oils that are often infused with essential oils and herbs to care for feminine hygiene and vaginal self care. Yoni oil can be used as lubricant but the primary benefit of Yoni Oil is to moisturize the Mons Pubis and Labia Majora. Yoni Oil may be used as a skin care and self care regimen too.

How To Use Yoni Oil?
After showering, or bathing you can use Yoni Oil to moisturize the mons pubis and labia majora area. You may note that depending on the type of yoni oil you use, different benefits may occur. For example using a yoni oil infused with peppermint and tea tree essential oils will have a great benefit to eliminate ingrown hairs with regular application.

Do Not Insert Yoni Oil into Your Vagina
Please avoid inserting Yoni Oils into the vagina unless you are working with a holistic womb health specialist. To increase vaginal moisture, you can practice Yoni Steaming which will naturally increase vaginal moisture, vaginal detoxing, and vaginal toning.


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